Who Says There's Nothing "New" Under The Sun?

After the publishing of her two best-selling books: The Voice of Success: Revised Female Edition, and The Voice Of Success: Male Edition,  Joni has finally fulfilled her  long-awaited vision by creating TWO Separate Voice Training Packages that are new, unique, affordable and incredibly effective for the Female Voice and for the Male Voice.  

Introducing Joni Wilson's Two Latest Voice Success Training  Packages . . .


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The Voice Success For Women Training Package

Ladies, it's time to stop complaining about your voice and take serious action to "Fix-It" because: 
Never in the History of this Planet has there been a Better Time to Be a Woman With a Strong Voice and a Message to Share!

In Joni Wilson's "Voice Success For Women" Training Package you will have The Most Complete Owner's Manual/Voice Training System for the Female Voice Available Online Today!

Common Female Voice Complaints

" I hate to constantly repeat my words."

" I get chronic Stage Fright!"

" My voice sounds too young."

" My voice sounds too old."

" No one listens to me."

" I just can't watch myself on video."

" My voice is boring/dull."

" My accent is too "thick”, people don't understand me."

" My voice is to low/high."

" I'm always out of breath."

" I lose my voice half-way through my class."

" My voice shakes even when I stand to say my name in public."

" I hate hearing my OWN Voice."

In Voice Success for Women  You Will . . .

Learn what "Speak or Sing from the Diaphragm Really means: 

You have two Diaphragms You'll learn to use both!

Your voice is a fine-tuned instrument and  YOU will skillfully play it.

 You'll learn how emotions can sabotage your presentation.

You' ll Learn to strengthen a "Tired Voice"

Discover "The Hidden Secrets that hide in your Voice-Box."

Learn why Mucous is your best Friend.

Discover the harmful effects of Decongestants on your Voice

You'll learn why your voice need not age.

How to use your 2nd Diaphragm         

Why the Voice Power-Source Is NOT WHERE YOU THINK IT IS!                                   

Tell Me What's in the Voice Success for Women Training Package?

5 Video Voice Lessons with over 3 hours of Joni's best training including her 3-Dimensional Voice® Training System for the   female voice.

A 50+ Page Workbook with  printable exercises, voice tips, & fill in the blanks plus plenty of room to take notes.

5 MP3 Audio Recordings of all the video tracks to  download onto your phone, tablet, or laptop for listening and practicing in your car, office, or . . .?

A PDF download of Joni's #1 Best Selling Book: The Voice of Success : A Woman's Guide to a  Positive and Persuasive Voice.  155 Illustrated pages of pure Vocal Gold for the voice.

Plus Bonus Surprises 

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 Coming in Fall 2022

A Voice Training Program Created 

  For The Male Voice!

From Singers, to Speakers, Business Executives, to Authors, Actors, and Influencers, Joni is the "Go-to-Girl" when it comes to fixing Male Voice Problems, and answering the hard questions!

The Voice Success for Men Training Program Has All the Tools a Man Needs to Succeed in Business and in Life!

This Voice Training Program, created just for Men, covers every facet of the male voice from puberty to old age, from increasing power and range to breathing problems and vocal weakness, due to over work, stress, and health issues.

Joni is known internationally for digging deep and tackling the big "why's" of the male voice. Not only does she pinpoint the problems, she lays out the reasons why they occurred, and how to fix them so they will stay "fixed".

Male Voice Problems . . .
  • "How do I add Power to my voice without straining?"
  • "How do I overcome Stage Fright?"
  • "How do I "deepen" my voice to sound older and more experienced?"
  • "How do I keep my voice from shaking?"
  • "Can I really get rid of my accent?"
  • "People say I mumble, what can I do to correct that?"
  • "I can't stop clearing my voice, can you help me?"
  • "I used to sing but now my voice sounds weak, what can I do?"
  • "I want to do my own commercials, can you help me become a voice-actor?"
  • "I'm always out of breath when I give my presentation, I need more breath Power!"
  • "I have a tight jaw and it's hard for me to open my mouth, can you help me?"
. . . And How to Solve Them!

In this Voice Training Program; just for men, Joni covers every facet of the Male Voice from Puberty to Old Age!

 In Joni's world, there is no such thing as an aging voice; there is only an untrained voice. Yes, the voice is an instrument, but it is also mechanical, and once the secrets and the mysteries of the voice are uncovered, exposed, and labeled, curing the effect is easy when you understand the causes.








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What's in the Voice Success 4 Men Program?

 1. 4 Complete Video Voice Lessons with over 140 minutes of Joni's best training including her 3-Dimensional Voice® Training System for the male voice.

2. A 50+ Page Workbook with additional, printable exercises, voice tips, & fill in the blanks plus plenty of room to take notes as you go from Video to workbook. 

 3. 4 MP3 Audio recordings of the above video tracks to instantly download on your phone, tablet, or laptop and listen in your car or office or?

4. A PDF Download of Joni's #1 Bestselling Book: Voice of Success: Male Version. The book has received rave reviews from those who have used it and followed Joni's Training.

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Male Voice
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