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America's Premier Voice Trainer
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Joni's Story! (Bio)

  • Was Opening Act for Elvis . . . THE REAL ONE
  • Performed Comedy Duet w/Pres. Ronald Reagan
  • Learned the Tarzan Yell from the Original Tarzan Johnny Weissmuller

Joni Wilson is one of the world’s foremost Voice Experts, 4-times bestselling author and Creator of the 3-Dimensional Voice® Training System, THE Cutting-edge Voice Method that is Changing the lives of Speakers, Singers, and Entrepreneurs Worldwide.

In her 25+ years of training voices, Joni has worked with executives from major corporations, business professionals, 2 “American Idol” and 3 “The Voice” finalists. Her training combines acting, speaking and performance skills; of which she is a master of all three. Joni can captivate an audience of one, one hundred or one thousand with her amazing, never-ending knowledge of the human voice and her "Show-Biz" expertise.  

Joni's  Training

She studied stage acting at the prestigious Pasadena Playhouse, earned a Professional Digital & Social Media Certification from San Diego State University, hosted a TV show, performed stand-up comedy at the Comedy Store, sang at numerous hotels in Las Vegas, Reno and Lake Tahoe, has written 8 books; (4 best-sellers), and started her career as an opening act to Elvis; the real one!  From breakout sessions at the National Speakers Association, live events, to hosting her own workshops and seminars, Joni's Show-biz background and her ability to create voice-actors out of ordinary people makes her Voice-Training-Sessions fun, informative and guaranteed to change her attendees opinion of their own voice and it's endless possibilities.

“I highly recommend Joni Wilson’s 3-Dimensional Voice Technique to every actor or for that matter, anyone who needs a strong lasting Voice of Command"  Ian Merrick, Film producer, London England

Current Events

6 Years ago, Joni added Video Voice Training, Recording Voice Training, and Product Branding and Marketing to her list of available classes online virtually, anywhere, anytime! Her accent reduction workshop, is also offered virtually, as well as voice-over training as a business. Joni is currently coming off of a 2-year stint as VP Marketing for the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance and is the first recipient of its prestigious Visionary Award for 2018 and 2019. She was also a runner-up for the coveted Legacy Award for the San Diego Women of Influence just as the Covid Lockdown came in March 2020.

Joni is currently picking up her third stint as VP Marketing at San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance and is currently focusing on Global Affiliate Marketing and Launching her Voice Success for Women and Voice Success for Men training packages online.

"I wish I would have met Joni Wilson 30 years ago when I signed my first record deal with United Artists Records. Joni can make miracles happen! She can make anyone sing. Her energy is second to none! I am very grateful to have her a few blocks away from my studio, she's helped many of my recording artists.”

Josquin des Pres. Producer, Songwriter: Track Star Studios  

 San Diego, CA

Joni is Also available @ www for one-on-one online Zoom training or click here for her contact page.

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Watch Joni's 5 min video (excerpt from a class @ San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance on "Circle Breathing."



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