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Here Are the Three Simple, (But Mighty Powerful), Steps in Your Video Voice Lesson. Joni Will Walk You Through Each One in Her Video Voice Lesson to Jump-Start YOU on YOUR Way to Creating Your Winner's Voice!

STEP ONE: Voice Acting 101

FACT: Finding your voice is one thingknowing how use it successfully in all business and personal situations is another. Voice Success is multifaceted and it comes in many voices. Enter You: The Voice Actor!

STEP TWO: Learning To "Speaker/Singer Breathe"

FACT: The Answer to Better Breath Control is NOT to Increase the Amount of Breath, it's learning how to regulate the Existing Breath, no matter HOW you use your Voice. Step 2 is an Instant Fix!


STEP THREE: Using the Entire Body to Power Your Voice

FACT: Your 2nd Diaphragm, (Yes you Do have 2 two), is called the Pelvic Diaphragm, and it is THE most Important part of your body; not to mention the most Powerful. Step 3 in your introduction!

"Working with Joni is very inspiring. She gives her students much more than just vocal technique. She is true coach, leading her students far beyond reaching their immediate goals, expanding their vision, and providing them with incredible support every step of the way. She is very generous with sharing her tremendous experience, expertise, and her big heart. You cannot find a better coach!"

Dr..Yelena Balabanova, Steinway Artist, NCTM

International Conservatory Studio, Inc.

Seattle, Bellevue, Mukilteo, Sammamish

Chopin Foundation of the United States Northwest Council,

Artistic Co-Director,

Washington State Music Teachers Association,

Membership Chair,

Washington State Federation of Music Clubs,

Board member, Secretary,

North Sound Music Federation,


"Joni Wilson is more than a voice coach... she is a mentor. I am so indebted to Joni's generosity in sharing her wisdom with me and she still inspires me to be a confident and self-reliant woman!  Thank you for being my therapist, friend, and for always being honest. You are truly a beautiful and inspiring woman. I will never forget all that you have done for me."

Amy Monzon
Singer/Songwriter/ Recording Artist


"Thanks to your great coaching, accomplishing video effectively is within my reach.  With each session, I gain more confidence and clarity on how to communicate using video."

Thank you! You’re amazing, Joni!

Stephanie Barnier, CFP VP,Personal CFO

The Wealth Consulting Group


"OMG, Joni, this is AMAZING! Such good quality video. Thank you soooo much."

Sirena Pellarolo, Ph.D.

Midlife Midwife and Holistic Healer

Co-author of Menopause Mavens: Master the Mystery of Menopause

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