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With Online Education in High Demand . . . Your Voice Is Now Your Business Card!

And The Whole World IS Listening?

Question: Do You Cringe When You Hear Your Voice Recorded? 


My name is Joni Wilson, I am a 4 times Bestselling author, creator of the 3-Dimensional Voice® training system and I TRAIN WINNERS!

Over the past 25 years I have personally trained hundreds of clients and I've watched  Miracle-Transformations occur when people REALLY DO FIND THEIR VOICE . . . A Voice Even They Love Listening to!

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How Well Do You Know "Your Own Voice"?

Do Any of These 10 Voice Complaints Sound Familiar?

  1. "My voice is dull and boring!"
  2. "My accent is too "thick" and people don't understand me."
  3. "My voice is too low/high."
  4. "I'm always out of breath."
  5. "I lose my voice half-way through my class."
  6. "My voice shakes every time  I have to say my name in public." 
  7. "I can't listen to myself on Zoom."
  8.  "My voice sounds too young/old."
  9. "I have Chronic Stage Fright!"
  10. "No one listens to ME. . .
Bonus Complaint #11: "My wife/husband is always complaining about my constant throat clearing! Can you help me?"

What You Can Expect Working With Joni...

"Joni’s voice lessons are worth their weight in gold. I am amazed at how well I can project into the lecture hall with only a few minor changes. The pointers Joni gave me at her workshop were priceless."

Patty Anderson, MSc Education Counselor Geologic Research Div Scripps Institute of Oceanography


"Joni has managed to breakdown the essential tools and techniques for taking care of the voice into something easy enough for anyone to use and made it fun, entertaining and interesting all at the same time. Her exercises for breath control and developing vocal strength are outstanding to say the least."                                                  

 James Alburger author of “The Art of Acting and winner of 11 Emmy awards. James is owner and executive producer of the Commercial Clinic. Visit him @

 I can’t possibly thank you enough for speaking at the National Speakers Association Speaker Success Program. “How to Make Your Voice Image a Winner.” was fabulous. We never knew there was so much to learn about the voice and it’s capabilities. You exude warmth, insight, and a wealth of information about the voice. You have obviously done a lot of research and we could have listened to you for an entire day, easily!”

Eln Albert National Speakers Association SD Speaker’s Success Program Chair

FYI: Click here to watch Joni's  short video excerpt on: "How to Circle Breathe While Speaking or Singing." Breath is THE KEY  ingredient to creating Strong, Vocal Power.
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